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I think I'll have to go self employed one day as my ability to interview keeps getting worse.

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Exciting news: my awesome boss just fired me with two days notice after working for him for almost five years, over an argument we had six months ago!

That's okay, I was getting myself together for freelancing anyway. I truly believe my talents lie in the realm of visual communication and would love to lend my well-practiced hand to a #gamedev project or pick up some comissions. Any leads are appreciated! 😺

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I wish I could get all my news and weather in meme format

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*upon seeing my slutty friend who's really into math*

ah, it's the thot that counts

104 101 108 108 111 013 010 013 010 121 111 117 032 108 111 115 116 032 116 104 101 032 103 097 109 101

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There's a *huge* number of people who absolutely love niche things, but have no idea how they work or what they do. And they're afraid to even talk about it for fear of sounding silly. Most of that is having few friends and family who are similarly inclined

"Online community" can sometimes be an oxymoron, but for a lot of people like this, it's their only lifeline to learn about things otherwise

I learned about woodworking thanks to the internet. There was literally no one else I could go to

Me when my wife complains about how old she feels, turning 25.

I can always count on my man Todd to give me a boost.

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Stood on a sewing needle last night whilst letting the dog out.

It went straight through the middle of my toe.

And that's why I'm rocking my socks and sliders to work today.

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How to make anyone's day better:

> be on public transport
> have a friendly dog 🐶
> let stranger pet dog
> dog wags tail because OH BOY ATTENTION
> say the magic words
> “oh wow he really likes you, normally he's shy”
> watch stranger feel like The Chosen One 🥰

#jazz #dogsofmastodon #goodboy

I remember a client wanting the webpages to be "editable" like word.

Not a CMS, as in I want to click on the page and edit parts.

In my frustration I just made the entire main div editable using the editable tag, and as long as you where logged in it would just save any of the changes to a database table holding the code for each page.

Edit: No sanitising input, just giving these people full access to changing anything via that editable tag.

Obviously editing anything but minor text changes, was a nightmare and selecting styles required copying and pasting text that was already there.

I got called into a meeting in front of the whole company, and the project managers clapped and stood up.

Amongst all the praise for solving this impossible task in a couple of hours I remember the lead programmer just slowly shaking his head from the back of the room.

I've since left that company and have no idea what nightmarish pandoras box I opened by doing that.

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i'm kind of disappointed that there aren't special discounts for being over 30

me: can i get the 30+ discount
clerk: yes ma'am! anything to help you navigate the constant existential crisis that is your life

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