Some seriously gaudy necrons 

My glorious golden ones got smashed again at my local hobby store.

@toffee everyone is simp for the shrimp at some point

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"Woa what's going on?"
"Oh you're alive. It's a wonderful gift you should cherish."
"Cool. Whats it for?"
"No-one knows. But don't fuck around because it could end forever at any moment"

I'm working on a free / opensource project inspired by the Kind Words product on Steam.

I love the idea, I just think it is something that should be free to all.

I was going to start a kick-starter to raise money for the domain, but I can get a domain free for a year.

@RadicalEdward there is nothing fun about fun sizes.

"Wow this chocolate bar is smaller, wow so fun" - literally no-one ever

Fun size would be large enough to put me in a food coma

Amazing how much fun you can have with a dice and some paper

Watching the edgelords - after years of "I'm ready for death" gags - panic buying loo roll.

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