I remember a client wanting the webpages to be "editable" like word.

Not a CMS, as in I want to click on the page and edit parts.

In my frustration I just made the entire main div editable using the editable tag, and as long as you where logged in it would just save any of the changes to a database table holding the code for each page.

Edit: No sanitising input, just giving these people full access to changing anything via that editable tag.

Obviously editing anything but minor text changes, was a nightmare and selecting styles required copying and pasting text that was already there.

I got called into a meeting in front of the whole company, and the project managers clapped and stood up.

Amongst all the praise for solving this impossible task in a couple of hours I remember the lead programmer just slowly shaking his head from the back of the room.

I've since left that company and have no idea what nightmarish pandoras box I opened by doing that.

I can always count on my man Todd to give me a boost.

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