So do most people really have an "internal monologue" voice chattering away like in films and TV show?

That's like mouthing words when reading, but for your actual thoughts I guess?

I don't think I have the mental capacity to both think and articulate those thoughts into coherent sentences within my skull.


I tend to only talk in my head if I'm planning stuff, working through stuff, etc.

Other than that, it tends to be whichever song happens to be in my head that day.

@GigaByte4711 this is wild. this is going to be the topic of the day for me.

So sometimes your having conversations in your own head about stuff?

So when you wake up, are you all "good morning Me. I think I'll get a coffee"?

Nah, it'll be stuff like:

"Ugh, I gotta get up and feed the cat...."

"I wonder, if I use this software, can I provide this service to people? That'll be cool...."

And my personal favourite when tightening a screw: "Righty tighty, leftie loosey."

@vease but the whole:

Ugh, what time is it? Fuck it, I need a coffee...

Is most certainly a thing that I say in my head.

Think the sort of internal monologue from Peep Show.

@GigaByte4711 I righty tighty leftie loosey under my breath everytime.

I'm genuinely facinated in a Todd view peep show

@GigaByte4711 @vease I do all of that as well plus the soundtrack of the day (usually a very frustrating snippet of a song on endless loop) all overseen by my father's sneering voice telling me how worthless my efforts are.

@vease the constant chatter inside my mind IS me, what else could I be? I don't think I'm like, a narrator or something but how am I going to think without words? I guess I use sentences, but now I'm thinking about it is all I can do heh.

@vease I have like this constant background noise in my head, with random words, random songs, sentences etc that rise up to the surface, sometimes an active thought process sometimes invasive chatter as if from somewhere else. I often go over past conversations, experiences etc. Sometimes I narrate what I'm experiencing to myself as if I were explaining it to someone else down the track. Sometimes I'm going over an expected situation or conversation. My head is a shambles tbh

@vease I spend a lot of time and mental energy making up stories about my future, sometimes hopeful sometimes disastrous. Depends how I'm feeling. I actually think constantly. It's exhausting. All the gaps are filled with songs I get stuck in my head that go around and around and around... Usually bizzare stuff like the alphabet song or a ringtone or a jingle from an ad. I did spend about 18 months with the Beatles yellow submarine in my head. Made me want to kill myself.

@Funkpirata that sounds bloody exhausting. Its normal though.

I used to (teens) have lots and lots of grand ideas, and I used to compulsively write everything down in case I forgot one of these "gold" ideas.

Then one day I was reading a Tom Morello interview. They where asking how he comes up with riffs (recording them, writing them down etc) and he said he doesn't do anything like that. Of the riff was worth remembering he would remember it, otherwise it probably wasn't that good.

That really chilled me out.

It's really interesting how even our individual viewpoints and HOW we experience thoughts are different.

@vease yeah definitely. No one can ever really see into my inner world, mainly because I wouldn't be able to adequately frame it all to fit someone else's understanding. I also have my own perceptive filters and biases in how I view myself internally. Others also have the detachment to be able to see things about me I am blind to. And then the landscape is so frequently changing and the way I was whenever is like a distant memory so it's hard to see just how things have changed.

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