I'm a full stack web dev. Currently in a job that I'm settled in and is short distance from home (40 minute walk, 15 min drive), working 9-6 with 20 days leave.

There is another job, 40 minutes (each way) drive away offering 35 days leave. Not sure of salary, but they usually offer more to entice you.

Any advice from other career coders?

@vease Vacation time is great, but I've found that, for me, it's difficult to overestimate the value of a good commute and work situation.
(Not sure whether "leave" means just vacation here, or also has sick/etc. time rolled into it - that could change things significantly)


Nothing worse than a bad day on the road (crash, breakdowns, traffic etc).

By Leave I mean't "holiday days".

Current gig is secure, and I know the devil I work for quite well now.

However, I have to admit, the grass always looks greener when these opportunities comes up and I'm never sure what the right decision is!

@Tak They want someone incredibly experienced for a graduate's wage in the end.

That is always a red flag.

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