I just accidentally sent some... intimate pictures of my Wife and I to my Dad and not my wife's phone.

Anyone know a guy who can get me out the country by tonight under a new name?

Having a lot of issues with a neighbour spying on me, copying what I do to the house and making complaints.

I honestly have no idea what there deal is.

Anyone else had this?

I just don't get how people can be so invested in these vapid celebrities and reality shows.


Hold my mountain dew whilst I read 30 articles on a game that is coming out next year.

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Whitespashe.uk now fully supports 1337-character posts!

Next on the list of admin work, is to get a Gitea instance online, and start mirroring the main mastodon repo. Then, I can have custom patches for this functionality applied on each upgrade.

Night 6

The beast lies dormant.

It has yet to breach our fortifications.

Sealing the doorway completaly enrages the fiend.

Is it asleep or waiting?

I keep watch.

If I should fail, know I fell defending the dining room with my last breath.

I'm looking to level up my dog.

Do I just feed him candy, or should I make him fight other animals in the neighbourhood?

My wife won't let me drink tea on the toilet.

Didn't realize I now live in Nazi Germany.

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Dear friends, I am in need of employment. I have several years of IT and Programming experience, looking for cyber security roles ideally, but also open to Sysadmin, Dev, and other tech roles.

Tim Curry led a necron force against the Black Templars.

Not a bad effort from the Necron lads despite having their assault barge blown up in the first shooting phase, and then it exploding and wounding the rest of the spearhead.


Never been a sports man, but am addicted to bloodbowl right now.

It is scratching all my itches.

Haiku for my users

Site is down again
Telling me once is ideal
I look at more memes

When I was a child, I used to believe "Gorilla Warfare" involved actual gorillas.

Why do teeth have nerves? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Haiku for my users:

Don't move the base unit
Give it a second to load
My coffee is cold

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