Started learning Vue.js. thought I'd dip a toe into this decade of web development.

Retire by 30.

It's easy!

Just live in your parents' holiday home, and start saving 2 thirds of your six figure corporate job from the age of 18.

What is the point in yogurts?

I don't understand why people eat them.

They're not filling or satisfying in any capacity. I could also not place on in the food pyramid.

Working on my people skills this year. Its so hard.

last year, my wife convinced me to see a GP because she thought I was autistic.

After years of accepting this half-baked diagnosis from people it turns out I have no medical reason for being an asshole.

If I can't properly convey the concept of the "saved logins" screen in firefox, I'm gonna have to resign or something.

god have mercy.

my boss is seeing his saved logons when clicking into a form on the website and thinks it is a feature

I've implemented, revealing usernames and passwords to random visitors.


The Alexa intruder alert meme is cute, but wouldn't you just be making it easier for the burgler to find your expensive gadgets?

Nothing makes me feel more hopeless and miserable then the media.

The endless shows, awards, news, gossip and adverts. I find it boring, yet exhausting and it just makes me feel like I'm somehow not doing enough, or good enough.

When I just shut everything off. I find myself, and feel genuinely more content and happier.

User: The printer is showing a message that its jammed, but it can't be.

Me: Opens printer and pulls out 3 sheets of crumpled paper jamming the printer.

“What one moment from you defines what it’s like to be alive on this planet. What’s your takeaway?’’
There is silence. Tobias doesn’t get her point, and frankly, neither do I. She continues: ‘’Fake yuppie experiences that you had to spend money on, like white water rafting or elephant rides in Thailand don’t count. I want to hear some small moment from your life that proves you’re really alive.”

― Douglas Coupland, Generation X

There's been a security alarm blaring away on my street since yesterday evening. It's still going strong

I'm feeling personally targeted by the 30-year-old boomer meme.

Sprucing up my personal site.

Any tips and criticism from my fellow Mastodonians?

Thanks in advance.

I'm devastated to discover "adulting" is still in use in 2020.

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I wish I could switch lives with someone for a month.

One of those stereotypical "neckbeards" who sit in a basement playing games all day and drinking pop.

It sounds like a pretty sweet gig TBH. Your loving parents bring snacks and food down, you just have fun all day PWNING n00bs.

And then the person could have my life for a month.

Clapping is IRL air bending.

Change my mind.

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