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Had a really good time playing some tabletop wargaming last night.

Here is a pic of my last two necrons getting swarmed by pox walkers.

Took one of those DNA tests to find out my heritage.

Much to the surprise of my close friends and family, I am over 60% human.

Honeymoon nearly over.

Just the small matter of putting up with each other till one of us dies now.

Watch "NASA Scientists Plan To Approach Girl By 2018" on YouTube

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Tucking into a tasty salad infront of some extremist fruitarians

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Air five to all my fellow workers dragging there sorry ass to work this morning

I love buying new IT shit for work.

After all these years, I'm finally the Network Daddy

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Hey, it's my birthday! Can I have some boosts? ✨

When a guitar is you hammer, everything looks like a lead break

I recorded these tracks for my friend to put on in the background while he's playing Elite.

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