Amazing how much fun you can have with a dice and some paper

Watching the edgelords - after years of "I'm ready for death" gags - panic buying loo roll.

Anyone got any good "weird Dev" stories about people they've worked with, replaced or heard about?

Anyone have a miniature skateboard as a kid?

Gave my immortals some TLC. Giving them some colour, and had a go at marble texture for their shoulders

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@cypnk Everyone in our office has multiple monitors and I can't think of anyone that actually needs it.
We are the embodiment of Jevons Paradox.
We're not a techy / IT place. So the marketing people have a monitor to show when people are swearing at us on the internet. The managers have docking stations and don't know to turn their laptop screens off when they're plugged in. The call handlers have Facebook open while they enter data in the other screen. And there's us data monkeys who use the tiling and multiple desktop features that Windows 10 finally has, so only use the second monitor to avoid eye contact across the partitions.

I think I'll have to go self employed one day as my ability to interview keeps getting worse.

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Exciting news: my awesome boss just fired me with two days notice after working for him for almost five years, over an argument we had six months ago!

That's okay, I was getting myself together for freelancing anyway. I truly believe my talents lie in the realm of visual communication and would love to lend my well-practiced hand to a #gamedev project or pick up some comissions. Any leads are appreciated! 😺

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It's like my entire life prepared me for this... 🤔

I wish I could get all my news and weather in meme format

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*upon seeing my slutty friend who's really into math*

ah, it's the thot that counts

104 101 108 108 111 013 010 013 010 121 111 117 032 108 111 115 116 032 116 104 101 032 103 097 109 101

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There's a *huge* number of people who absolutely love niche things, but have no idea how they work or what they do. And they're afraid to even talk about it for fear of sounding silly. Most of that is having few friends and family who are similarly inclined

"Online community" can sometimes be an oxymoron, but for a lot of people like this, it's their only lifeline to learn about things otherwise

I learned about woodworking thanks to the internet. There was literally no one else I could go to

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