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So, has lost all of it's toots.
This is due to a truncate command being run on the local statuses table, including the cascade option to include other related tables.

Normal functionality is there, so I don't think anything else has been affected. I'll try to see if there's a way of reimporting our user account exports, but if not: has been given a fresh start!

giving maskless white ladies dirty looks in the middle of the supermarket is a little extra fun when i have a fuckin skeleton face

horny mcdonalds sign, cursed, lmao 

they must have known,,

> 15 years ago, I co-led a team trying to give 100% free Internet access to all of San Francisco starting with the poorest neighborhoods first. The network would be anonymous, with no ads, no cookies, etc. Approximately a $20-25 million gift. The result? We were chased out of town.

"We fought a worm that had a surprising number of Legendary Resistances."

"It had two. Which is I suppose still a surprising number."

#DnD #DnDOutOfContext

"huh, a local IT security group, I'll check out their site"

doesn't use SSL


I couldn't resist turning this tweet into a #comic :
It was as good an excuse as any to experiment with the comics brush set. :)

:krita: #krita #MakingComics

Any sufficiently advanced kernel API is indistinguishable from magic.


Just pulled the trigger on my Projekt:ONI sticker and T-Shirt from the store:

Now I can look the part whilst playing the part!

Had this going on, in case anyone else has the same problem with some of their apps on Android opening then immediately closing.

sudo rm -rf /System/Applications/

rm: /System/Applications/ Operation not permitted

If sudo <command> results in an “Operation not permitted” error, it’s not your computer.

#Apple #monopoly #ItsNotYourComputer

PS. Dear fediverse, no need to suggest alternatives, my daily driver is a StarLabs LabTop running @elementary and I dev cross-platform/web apps that I need to test on macOS and Windows also. Thank you.


Interesting to me how suddenly as an end to the pandemic may be on the horizon, nearly every media outlet is touting how “working from home is bad, actually” all at the same time.

What a convenient gestalt.

At times, ansible really really annoys me.

But then, I need $THING like - in series, across all these backends in haproxy on multiple servers, in drain -> maintenance -> upgrade the app -> wait for /health UP -> add it back to the pool -> repeat.

And it's so so sweet.

It's my swiss army knife of DevOops. And considering that, it's not unreasonable that it doesn't have a DAG (Graph) of all the tasks/roles, or a clever distributed raft backend.

Because it only took 5 minutes for the task.

This may seem strange, but I'm wondering if anyone in the fediverse has any experience running Veracrypt containers on 3.5 inch floppy disks? If so, what was your experience?

Ah, yeah... Turns out that when you use the correct syntax in fail2ban jail definitions, they actually end up doing what you want...

(Specifically, to overwrite a variable in an action, use action = actionname[variable=value] instead of anything else that might come to mind...)

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