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"the username and password are not sent as plain text over the Internet - they are always BASE64 encoded"


Ugh. Had so many issues with networking yesterday. I lost internet for a fair part of the day, my VM hosts would not stay clustered or in sync, either! :REEEEsuka:

I had to completely redesign the network connectivity at home and finally for sorted at about 1am today!

Things seem stable now, but yesterday was sent to try me. πŸ˜“

Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

More breadposting today! This is the 4-chili bread I left to cold-prove overnight.

It is just slightly spicy, giving a lingering tingle (great name for a sex toy). Best eaten with a light spreading of Polish mayonnaise, or creamy cheese!

back when they were flat. now they have two big nipples right in the center, and they seduce you to play with them

Please boost this instance size poll ! πŸ˜„

You are on an instance with a number of users :

Oh my, It's at $1.500.000 already :O . in around 8 hours it got 500k more. If it continues like that may hit 5M.

I contributed to the bundle with 3 games and purchased it too. #gamedev #indiedev #gaming

Come on! near 800 games!!

Get bundle here:

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