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My wife took some photos of a little Pentium II mascot I've had since I was little. It looks like he's been floating in space before accidentally stumbling upon God.

Some breadposting today! For my breakfast pancakes, I mixed a healthy amount of sourdough starter with some flour, salt and water, then let it prove in a bowl greased with olive oil for 30 mins.

Then, you just flatten the bread dough out, and fry it for a couple of minutes either side! I made slightly too much, so some will be eaten for lunch!

Wife approval factor: 10/10

Dear Microsoft,

If you already know that the upgrade option won't work with the method of install I'm using,

Why in the EVERLOVING FUCK would you make that be DISPLAYED AT ALL, let alone be a DEFAULT OPTION, let alone make the entire installer bail requiring me to START FROM THE BEGINNING WHEN ITS CHOSEN

A very annoyed clarjon1.

every few weeks i remember this image and laugh uncontrollably

They're coming out with licensed Neon Genesis Evangelion headphones that are bluetooth, ear-pod style and I have never needed something so much

The cats gathered around her, curious, hungry, cautious.

They poked at her with sandy paws. She smelled like food, but mostly looked like the silly-tall-cats that sometimes fed them and sometimes threw hard things at them.

The mermaid sat very still even while attempting to communicate.


The cats scattered.

She continued to wait, letting the cats gather again.


This time they mewed back, to humor her.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy #Mermay #Caturday

The pirates had followed the magyk compass for months, through strange, impossibly exotic locations, discovering the myths they believed and feared to be true, yet overcoming each one together.

Finally, they reached The Spot. They began digging at dawn; and gave up for the day at sunset.

"Maybe friendship be the treasure?" offered the cabin boy.

They all paused, then simultaneously swore.

For indeed, that was the treasure they had found.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

I don't always have a good hair day, but when I do there's a global pandemic going on and I literally have no where to go all day. #quarantine

Just replied to an email that I've been meaning to reply to for over two weeks now, plus another email that'd only been waiting for two days, so by my standards I'm fucking killing it, organisationally speaking.

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