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oh my god,,, a GAMING ROUTER. mom, i NEED one. it has a Gaming Dashboard and a Gaming VPN! mom please. please mOM


Do you read Drugs and Wires?

Do you like cool stuff?

@Cryoclaire is an awesome artist and designer and deserves recognition. Follow her and check out her stuff.

I think I'll have to go self employed one day as my ability to interview keeps getting worse.

Playing around with ansible when I should be sleeping....

My next big project: every service I host must be deployable in ansible.

For all those that do or don't celebrate valentines day:

Elliott the cat thinks you're great!

My cat is patiently waiting for my wife to wake up next to me, as that means he can then get fussed over whilst purring like a chainsaw.

How to make anyone's day better:

> be on public transport
> have a friendly dog 🐢
> let stranger pet dog
> dog wags tail because OH BOY ATTENTION
> say the magic words
> β€œoh wow he really likes you, normally he's shy”
> watch stranger feel like The Chosen One πŸ₯°

#jazz #dogsofmastodon #goodboy

I remember a client wanting the webpages to be "editable" like word.

Not a CMS, as in I want to click on the page and edit parts.

In my frustration I just made the entire main div editable using the editable tag, and as long as you where logged in it would just save any of the changes to a database table holding the code for each page.

Edit: No sanitising input, just giving these people full access to changing anything via that editable tag.

Obviously editing anything but minor text changes, was a nightmare and selecting styles required copying and pasting text that was already there.

I got called into a meeting in front of the whole company, and the project managers clapped and stood up.

Amongst all the praise for solving this impossible task in a couple of hours I remember the lead programmer just slowly shaking his head from the back of the room.

I've since left that company and have no idea what nightmarish pandoras box I opened by doing that.

"Ooooh I'm going to write all about our #opensource adventures. Anything one would need to use #FOSS in a business setting. Useful and important info about things like infrastructure, costs, planning, etc!"

*starts writing first post*


the two ear problem is that cat girls tend to have car ears on the top of their head BUT ALSO human ears... or do they? as most of them are feminine they have long hair so you can't see their ears, do they have two sets of ears or is it just smooth skin? I NEED TO KNOW

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oh my god, apparently the license for the original implementation of JSON states

> The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

and because of this the FSF considers it a "non-free" license <>

Goku be like: "once again i am asking for your energy"

part of the Mastodon experience is getting followed by an account with a name like The Teeth Gobbler, and you're 98% sure it's one of your jackass friends but who can be certain.

and then for the next 48 hours it makes dozens of posts like "gonna eat them teeefths" and photoshopped images of teeth occupying multiple slots on the food pyramid.

and finally a week later the whole thing is abandoned unceremoniously and gone, lost in time like teeth in the rain.

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