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Walkaway Chapter 2- Spoilers ahoy 

Walkaway Chapter 2- Spoilers ahoy 


Hey, any reason that my Tusky (stable) refuses to auto complete people when I try to @ them?

Anyone got a handy guide for young adults just out of Uni, on how to actually human and live? UK specific, if possible.

Boosts appreciated.

Walkaway, Ch. 1 

So what to read for the #TechnicolorRainbow book club?!

Thinking something easy because of the holidays coming up, short stories are always good.

But I think a good inaugural read for this Fediverse bookclub would be Walkaway by Cory Doctorow, a techno utopian revolution-against-capitalism-and-the-rich burning-man hacker post-scarcity-gift-economy novel.

It's been talked about before here, so we know it's good material, and if you already read it then don't need to read again but if you do then it should be an easier one.

But any and all suggestions welcomed, if anything ideas for next reads.

Walkaway, Chapter 2 

a new (to me) twist on the joke-punch-line-winking-dog meme.

and Q!

CW for alcohol reference, pun, eye contact


i like to eat spicy food when i'm sick cause i like imagining the germs dying in a fire

Flight attendant: Is there a doctor onboard?

Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you

Me: Not now Dad

Dad: Not asking for a Developper to help, are they?

Me: Dad, there's a medical emergency happening right now

Dad: Go and see if β€œIt's GNU/Linux, not Linux" helps

Oof. Generating a vanity domain is pretty CPU intensive.

Once that's done, I'll be able to link it to my mastodon node!

Until then: slowness :loading:

Happy all! Elliott has had a busy day of begging for food and sleeping, so is taking a well-earned nap!

For anyone that's running a instance on :

Do you need an entirely separate mastodon instance for both Tor and Clearnet, or can you effectively have both addresses point to the same server?

Boosts welcome.

Just tried to upgrade the RAM on my server with a shiny new 8GB stick....

Looks like it's DOA. Now I have to send it back to amazon and wait for a new one. My poor ESX server. Looks like another 4 days wait (at least). :REEEEsuka:


Private Internet Access (PIA VPN) is getting bought by Kape and the new owners have a shady past and have been known to sell user data.


So, when attempting to use git to manage my Mastodon instance...... :battery_full:

I managed to pull the branch that had none of my custom changes, and a completely different docker-compose file. :battery_ok:

I then proceeded to bring up my mastodon, screwing with all of my containers. :battery_low:

For whatever reason, it refused to revert container names and volumes, however much I tried. :battery_empty:

After eventually switching to the correct branch, and judicious use of 'docker-compose down', everything came back up!

But no luck, as my reverse proxy couldn't see the server. :loading:

One nginx restart, and logs started flowing! :battery_full:

We're all back online now, but I blame @mike for giving me well written instructions that I dutifully ignored.

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