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Does anyone in the fediverse have experience with #3CX or #Asterisk?


Liquid Ice 

Dance Fingers 

Took one of those DNA tests to find out my heritage.

Much to the surprise of my close friends and family, I am over 60% human.

teaching how to play and selling kazoos at a festival to smashed people and watching the horror on the face of their friends as you walk away is pure 100% clown.

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I hear rustling as I am about to open my bedroom door. I freeze.
It finally happened, as I was warned it would. I kept them waiting too long, ignored them too long. They have gone feral, wild.
They call for me.
As is their right.
I open the door, and all my unread books swarm me.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

problem: test doesn't pass
solution: remove the test

boss: oh hey the build is done early
me: host's haunted
boss: what
me: [cocks ec2:TerminateInstances] host's haunted

An unbiased guide to find the right Linux distribution for you:

Is anyone else seeing large numbers of random-character usernames registering/attempting to register to mastodon recently? I've got approvals on, but I'm not really happy with the amount of mail that's now being sent from my server....

My dad and I are building a magic mirror tomorrow: "You do the smart stuff and I'll build the frame" he said. Guys omg my heart ❀️😭

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