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Further media to follow, after I've transcoded it down enough for mastodon to accept.

Trump, Politics, Protest 

Trump, Politics, Protest 

gonna change my WiFi setup to...

SSID: "nmap me, I dare you"
WPA2: "doityoucoward"

It's a great feeling when you see your friends worked up about Google services being down and that's the only reason you know something's wrong Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Thanks to some google-fu, the is now running on a distributed virtual switch!

Storage access should be much quicker now, with more resiliency becoming possible as I add new hosts!

All in all, a pretty happy ending for a Sunday!

Ugh. Just had my NAS decide it was gonna hot-remove two drives of a three-drive array. No warning, no reason listed in the logs.

I swear it knows I've bought its replacement....

NAS is now rebooted, drives are all fine, with no disk errors.

For now. 😫

man hosting stuff ppl rely on is stressful

So, today I had my boiler checked (for the first time ever).:battery_full:

Result: It was a model that went out of production in 2005, has no spare parts around and is 3x the size of what we need.:battery_ok:

The engineer said: "I remember training on one of these.... They had an issue where they would corrode and leak carbon monoxide.":battery_low:

Which is true. We had that scare last year.

Now I get to wait for another engineer to come around and quote us for a new one.:battery_empty:

So, I've managed to fix our media library randomly losing its mount point.
Autofs to the rescue. With any luck, the mount will go up/down according to need. It'll be a bit more resilient of disconnect/reconnects too!

you know western digital, I'm not sure what it means to have an SSD fueled by darkness but I bet it's not great

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