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A guide to understand the importance of commit messages and how to write them well

I've been lurking on this instance for a while and haven't posted anything yet, so I figured it's time for an #introduction

- #sysadmin with a particular interest in #freesoftware and decentralized communication (like this place!)
- Member of a local hackerspace (, @hive76 on birdsite)
- When I'm not working on my #homelab or trying to learn more #programming, you can find me watching some #anime or reading #cyberpunk novels

Lessons learned from jerks in the Internet : A story of dragons, denial of service attacks, and waking up at 3 AM. #sysadmin #linux #security

What do you name your servers by?

By purpose?
By stars or planets?
By movie characters

... Or something else?

Let me know! πŸ™‚


Restart networking?
What could possibly go wrong...
Can't ssh now

#sysadmin #haiku

Another nice fediverse-enhancing habit that I enjoy is:

1) When you make a public post, use a hashtag.

2) Immediately click the hashtag.

3) Boost something cool and recent from that hashtag.

#mastodon #meta

Can we add Lo-Tek to the Hogwart's houses?

Toilet Elf NSFW 

if you're a trans woman or trans feminine non-binary person there's a long-term study recruiting right now on trans feminine health and it compensates $250 spread out in 6 month intervals of $50. Https://

Hey fellow peoples!

What commands should I be running regularly to keep my small instance in the best of health? We're running 2.8.0 on docker, if that helps any!

Boosts always appreciated!

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