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excuse me? did you just say this markdown library is a *single* regex?

that's the most terrifying thing i've ever heard

My woman looks at all her clothes and then says "I have nothing to wear".

I shake my head. Walk back into my office. Scroll though my steam library and think to myself "I have nothing to play".

Apex Legends players that have linked their steam accounts to the origin account have had all of their security info gathered and stored by Respawn and has been publicly available & easy to read. There has also been a discovery in vulnerabilities in the apex legends store.

If my life was rated by metacritic, critics would crush it, but I'd get rave user reviews.

A bit like Starship Troopers. Just without those nasty bugs.

Working on a dashboard for a client and this comic strip has never been more true.

RT @mykola

lol what a great definition of 'eventual consistency'

when you're configuring iptables but you lock yourself out of your own connection

oh baby, this keyboard was just made for vim users, look at the size of that escape key
keyboard with a big honkin esca…

The sheer panic of having to sneeze while you're driving

found some remote job openings for this web service

figured i'd share since it seems like people on here are always looking for remote jobs

your d&d class based on your Harry Potter house:

Ravenclaw: Wizard
Hufflepuff: Wizard
Griffindor: Wizard
Slytherin: Wizard

Did anyone else feel like Spock was actually the main character of TOS?

Because looking back, I realized that the rest of the crew didn't matter as much to me.

And that ST:WoK - ST:3 carry over hit me hard as a child.

Spock was the idol of the show from my point of view...

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