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I use postfix + dovecot + amavisd for my core functionality.

I use roundcube for my webmail frontend.

For deliverability to other platforms, I use a combination of SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

My DMARC reports are sent to for analysis and aggregation.

When I have kids (Under 18), I'm going to tell them whatever you do to your body (Tattoos, piercings, died hair) I'm gonna do.

Either they'll be put off by their Dad making it uncool, or we'll all be the punk family.

Its even worse if google appends stuff to the search parameters.

When you start typing in the address bar but fat-finger the enter after joi :thinkhappy:

This is what happens when you let a bunch of Americans handle a Japanese property

God, the Wordpress ecosystem is so useless at times, when it comes to giving any sort of consistent advice.

"Trying to modify a template? Use this plugin!"

"Worried about page performance? Try caching everything, with no clear guidance on how aggressively"

"Slow-loading dashboard? Try these 8 random things!"

what the fuck did i just find? a rap song about a guy wanting to fuck a spider and eventually he gets to dating it and introducing it to his friends

i feel like my whole life as a millennial has just been watching dinosaurs get less and less cool


I'm assuming you're okay with paid services, and you're in the US?

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