Every server gets a smooch before going into production.

If they don't know that you love them and are proud of them, they won't do their best!


Psst, stux, how're you doing your .onion hosting for your server?

whitespashe.uk has been tuned a little more. With any luck, things should be running a little quicker and should be a little more responsive!


My personal laptop has had a broken webcam since forever, so I use a cheap USB camera. My work laptop is a lenovo with the integrated webcam slider.

My phone is a one plus 7 pro, with a front-facing camera that physically pops up and out. I think I'm doing okay.

Running a remote account cull on whitespashe.uk

Is it supposed to take ages? Should I be running this on a schedule?

Apparently its a lizard-brain thing, which I could well imagine being true.

Plus, there's something about a long shower that's better than a bath, not sure what though.


Sometimes a secondary shower is just self-care.

I've had three in a day before, it just ticks all the comfort buttons for me.

I'm working on a new blog post and this is a teaser.
It's a live performance of the opening theme of the anime Ghost in the Shell, performed by a choir of 75 minyou singers.


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