Nigel Farage refused to leave his bus at a campaign stop today because there were some people nearby carrying milkshakes.

I am not making this up.

@jeroenpraat out of all 3 parties, which has the most likelihood of defeating the greater-evil parties?

Aaand with that, whitespashe is running Mastodon 2.8.3! Just waiting for elasticsearch to sync up!

Whitespashe is about to go down to upgrade to 2.8.3. See y'all on the flip side!!

Fixed it. My server was set to require S2S with certificates. I just had to add your server to my "insecure" whitelist.

@amic huh. I've added you, but I'm unsure if we're successfully federated.....

@vease hey, if you don't have any graybeards at your place, YOU are the graybeard.

@vease Jesus Christ.

You know that the tradition is: the most graybearded sysadmin in the place is supposed to give you an award, some fancy coffee, and some whiskey.

How to discard stdout to another host:

echo foo | ssh remotehost cat - > /dev/null

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