Sprucing up my personal site.

Any tips and criticism from my fellow Mastodonians?


Thanks in advance.

@vease agreed.

There are some people that need guidance on how to get themselves out of the existential hole they're in, and some life coaches that have been in the same position could really help.

Then on the flip side, you have Pete.

German idealism 

Clapping is IRL air bending.

Change my mind.

@vease I know two life coaches, and both are insufferable. I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush, because I'm sure your appreciation of life coaches goes up the more you actually NEED one.





Hey, do you still use ? I'm looking to get into it and wanted to test it out a bit.

Who linked this a few hours ago? github.com/nioc/xmpp-web

I opened the tab but didn't look until now. It's exactly the project I wanted to start writing recently but haven't had the time to get started. #XMPP

I don't have to spend days reading documentation and implementing an obscure way to encrypt my user's emails! :blobcheer:

The #ISPmail guide I followed to set my mail server up to begin with released a version for Buster and contains explicit instructions for encrypting maim at rest with the user's password :blobaww:


Ugh. I've had to disable full-text searching, as my VM is unable to handle the high memory requirements. Looks like a hardware upgrade is in order soon. πŸ˜₯

I will never successfully spell quiet first time nor will I ever pronounce quinoa first time.

Some memory issues on whitespashe.uk

Rebuilding my elasticsearch db, as it hasn't been running for a couple of months.

πŸšͺ :blobcat:​ :blobowo:​
-"No kitty, there's a storm outside."

πŸšͺ :blobcattilt:​ :blobnervous:​
-*meowww~ ;.;*
-"It's raining hard you're gonna hate it."

πŸšͺ :blobmiou:​ :blobtired:​
-*mewww~ T-T*
-"Ugh FINE. Just go."

πŸšͺ :blobglare:​

πŸšͺ :blobcatsurprised:​ :blobglare:​
-"Yeah. I know. It's raining."


Being able to say: "The clothes are coming..." ominously to my wife as they came onto the conveyor was worth it.

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