Then no, I'm not aware of any played-straight abridged versions of Dragonball.


I've seen way too many people hand-wringing over adding more and more Ransomware recovery and mitigation.

Yeah, that's all well and good, but if malware successfully runs on a device, we're compromised. We're lucky if it's just ransomware, but there could be any number of other malware capabilities that are in play here.

Stop trying to heat your house whilst you've got the doors and windows open in winter!


My wife is a big fan of switching to her "It goes over your nose" mask when we have to go in-store shopping.

Soooo many people with masks just over their chins, or not covering their noses, etc.

giving maskless white ladies dirty looks in the middle of the supermarket is a little extra fun when i have a fuckin skeleton face


I tend to look at my spam filter for the week, then see what everyone agrees I should be scared of.

That, or check what the sysadmin subreddit is currently angrily patching at last minute.


I need the gridless version of this. For reasons.

I don't suppose anyone has the source?

horny mcdonalds sign, cursed, lmao 

they must have known,,

> 15 years ago, I co-led a team trying to give 100% free Internet access to all of San Francisco starting with the poorest neighborhoods first. The network would be anonymous, with no ads, no cookies, etc. Approximately a $20-25 million gift. The result? We were chased out of town.


"We fought a worm that had a surprising number of Legendary Resistances."

"It had two. Which is I suppose still a surprising number."

#DnD #DnDOutOfContext


The number of places I've seen touting themselves as "Cyber" that have no https anywhere is upsetting.

Not as upsetting as the number of sites I've seen without https on their login pages that ALSO deal with sensitive PII.


"huh, a local IT security group, I'll check out their site"

doesn't use SSL


I couldn't resist turning this tweet into a #comic : mobile.twitter.com/Bry_Mac/sta
It was as good an excuse as any to experiment with the comics brush set. :)

:krita: #krita #MakingComics

Any sufficiently advanced kernel API is indistinguishable from magic.


Just pulled the trigger on my Projekt:ONI sticker and T-Shirt from the hackers.town store: etsy.com/shop/ThegibsonGoods

Now I can look the part whilst playing the part!

@thegibson @djsundog

Time to finally get my matrix install deployed. At the very least I can bridge to discord for people that absolutely *MUST* use it.


Ah, then I've been pronouncing it very wrong for a while. πŸ˜‚

Well, we've both learned some pronunciation today!

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