@Cryoclaire Lol. It's my rack in my homelab. Just me and the wife have access. We did recently get a shipment of CAT7 cables and cable ties, so your timing is oddly bang-on.....


Saw this on tumblr, came to masto to reply.

There is a very high likelihood this image is being put into the back if my server rack today. Thankyou for that!


It looks that way! Would you be willing to share the ansible role that you used to set it up? Important variables redacted, ofc.


Well, there were some config variables not exposed by ansible, so I'll have to add those in later. I had to change those manually. Also, some config options just don't work, but to test I need to keep restoring a VM snapshot.


I have simulated a three-way call with a lan-connected laptop and two mobile phones off-network. Great success!

I did have issues with an external laptop, but without more people to test, it may be an outlier. More on this later, when I get my dad to help me test it out.


Ubuntu template: created
Jitsi ansible role: shamelessly stolen

Is Jitsi running?

I don't know. It's 00:45 here, and the wife is asleep. I'll be able to test it in the morning though! It looks to be resolving correctly, but the true test is 3+ people in the same lobby.

Do you know those video games where you walk around with a little lantern and slowly parts of the map start to light up until you get a sense of where you are? That's what it feels like being a selftaught #sysadmin. Except the map is never ending and sometimes randomly leads you into a ravine.

#sysadminlife #impostersyndrom

Today I cooked a metric fuckton of biryani, which has now gone into our freezer. Tomorrow, I bake more bread!

It has been a very meal-prep couple of weeks, but it let's me try out lots of new recipes!


So, I've successfully got a decent CentOS 8 template. I can also carry out VM customisation via VSphere on deployment.

I have an ansible host, with my scripts available on an internal got repo.

I have now looked at the existing installs of Jitsi, and have come across the fact that they only support debian-based OSes.

Tomorrows job: Create an Ubuntu install that can be templated and customised. Proceed to create VM and attempt installation of Jitsi.

Unfortunately I've hit the age-old issue of a homelab.
I don't have a VM template ready to go, so rather than set up a brand new VM (AGAIN), I'm looking into the proper method of VM templating.

I must learn this and get it working before I can deploy a Jitsi VM. So now, I'm getting ready to create a CentOS template VM, pre-install the required keys for ansible, create a template from it, then set up the deployment capability within VSphere.

THEN I can start looking at getting Jitsi deployed.

The only issue then, is that I need somewhere to store and version-control my ansible scripts, so I'm going to need to set up the correct git infrastructure for it before I start slinging playbooks all Willy-Nilly.

Whitespashe.uk is now running on Mastodon Master branch, as the v3.1.2 release can't be built due to a dependency being yanked.

We're bleeding edge guys!

I'm converting a room into a home-office whilst my wife works from home at our living room table.

I'll also be trying to deploy a Jitsi VM with ansible so that our family can chat whilst separated.

@Gina @mike

I can happily say, they did, but only for a short while!


I am a Twinkie demon and should never be allowed the opportunity to eat more than one at a time.

"If we view ourselves as besieged victims who need to go into hiding, then we will cultivate fear and hoarding. If we view ourselves as a community working hard to protect the most vulnerable among us, then we will cultivate courage and helping. Mindset matters."

(twitter screenshot)

Amazing how much fun you can have with a dice and some paper

Whitespashe will be going down for a while, due to a new hypervisor being installed!

Currently sitting through the amazon training whilst I have ongoing projects I should be working on. Gotta love some employer-mandated training. 😫

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