In other news, I've got a reasonably open source implementation of Active Directory functional at home now. Both the office PC and my laptop have the same roaming profile, and I'm slowly managing to integrate my other services in.

The project for this week: Automated acquisition, renewal and provisioning of letsencrypt wildcard certs throughout my services.

Just gotta wait for my registrar to enable the Dev API, and then I'll be dangerous!

Aaand has been updated to Mastodon Main (v3.4.1)!

I do like the pretty graphs!

Well, we're accessible over IPv6. We can't actually talk to other IPv6 instances because of docker-compose nonsense.

Looks like I'm gonna have to start preparing for a migration from docker to a proper VM.

😭 I was sooooo close.....

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Well everyone, I think Whitespashe is now available over IPv6! Does anyone know of any IPv6 only Fedi Instances I can try out?

Is there a method of culling servers that have broken SSL/Excessive timeouts from my instance?

I know `tootctl accounts cull` does something similar, but surely there's a way for mastodon to go: "That instance is dead. I'm cutting all ties with it."

Today I implemented a master/master MySQL setup, and integrated it into my HAProxy install.

And nothing is on fire!

Yesterday I successfully deployed backup mail servers in my homelab AND in the cloud.

This is the year of high-availability (or at the very least: basic redundancy) folks!

Ugh! Spent 2 days troubleshooting media issues with proxying my s3 media storage for mastodon.

I'm pretty sure I've reverted back to my original config (the one I thought I had issues with), and now it's all okay again!

This weekend has been sent to try me!!!


Making the most of the Pre-Christmas lull to cull my incident queue at work.

I'm currently fueled by coffee and an intense urge to finish my Day-Job work, so that I can get back to my homelab work!

And now Whitespashe is running on Mastodon 3.2.0!

We're now as up-to-date and efficient as we can reasonably be! Time for a well-earned coffee! :blobcatcoffee:

After watching the slow loading of assets via backblaze, I've now implemented an nginx cache and haproxy wizardry to try and speed stuff up somewhat!

@angristan contributed to my success via his blog post:

After following that, I then stole a load of code from the mastodon docs and

Now I've got a fairly resilient media hosting stack!

My hard drives will surely thank me! Backups too!

I've updated Whitespashe to use backblaze for its media storage! Hopefully I'll have a much less sad hard drive now!

Ugh. Had so many issues with networking yesterday. I lost internet for a fair part of the day, my VM hosts would not stay clustered or in sync, either! :REEEEsuka:

I had to completely redesign the network connectivity at home and finally for sorted at about 1am today!

Things seem stable now, but yesterday was sent to try me. 😓

Whitespashe is going offline whilst I bring us up to the most recent version. It's gonna get wild. is now running on Mastodon Master branch, as the v3.1.2 release can't be built due to a dependency being yanked.

We're bleeding edge guys!

Playing around with ansible when I should be sleeping....

My next big project: every service I host must be deployable in ansible.

New storage server is racked, the rack is pretty much built, awaiting tomorrow to migrate my existing server stuff across!

The rack has claimed blood from both myself and my wife, so it has been correctly sanctified.

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Whitespashe is getting an upgrade! One server rack being installed in my house....

Ugh, dealing with my old dovecot mail server....

I can get the maildirs and userdirs separated nicely, I can get the mysql lookups to work perfectly...

Can I fix a permissions error when I enable autoexpunge on the junk folder? Hell no I can't!


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