Ugh, dealing with my old dovecot mail server....

I can get the maildirs and userdirs separated nicely, I can get the mysql lookups to work perfectly...

Can I fix a permissions error when I enable autoexpunge on the junk folder? Hell no I can't!


Ugh. I've had to disable full-text searching, as my VM is unable to handle the high memory requirements. Looks like a hardware upgrade is in order soon. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Some memory issues on

Rebuilding my elasticsearch db, as it hasn't been running for a couple of months.

Whitespashe is going down for a little while whilst I add SSD caching to my ESX host. Fingers crossed!!

Oof. Generating a vanity domain is pretty CPU intensive.

Once that's done, I'll be able to link it to my mastodon node!

Until then: slowness :loading:

For anyone that's running a instance on :

Do you need an entirely separate mastodon instance for both Tor and Clearnet, or can you effectively have both addresses point to the same server?

Boosts welcome.

Just tried to upgrade the RAM on my server with a shiny new 8GB stick....

Looks like it's DOA. Now I have to send it back to amazon and wait for a new one. My poor ESX server. Looks like another 4 days wait (at least). :REEEEsuka:

So, when attempting to use git to manage my Mastodon instance...... :battery_full:

I managed to pull the branch that had none of my custom changes, and a completely different docker-compose file. :battery_ok:

I then proceeded to bring up my mastodon, screwing with all of my containers. :battery_low:

For whatever reason, it refused to revert container names and volumes, however much I tried. :battery_empty:

After eventually switching to the correct branch, and judicious use of 'docker-compose down', everything came back up!

But no luck, as my reverse proxy couldn't see the server. :loading:

One nginx restart, and logs started flowing! :battery_full:

We're all back online now, but I blame @mike for giving me well written instructions that I dutifully ignored. now fully supports 1337-character posts!

Next on the list of admin work, is to get a Gitea instance online, and start mirroring the main mastodon repo. Then, I can have custom patches for this functionality applied on each upgrade.

Extended character limit works! Now I just need to find where to add the correct customisations for Tusky to see it.

Whitespashe is going down whilst I try to extend the posting character limit! has been tuned a little more. With any luck, things should be running a little quicker and should be a little more responsive!

Running a remote account cull on

Is it supposed to take ages? Should I be running this on a schedule?

Today I created a test word document with a macro that tries to reverse connect out to a C2 server controlled by me. The idea was to use it to test our firewall's capability to inspect protocols on certain ports.

I was positive that this would fail, but provide us good data for designing alerts.

It did not fail. Full reverse shell with very little indication on our firewalls.

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? ๐Ÿ˜“

Anyone able to test federation over tor with me?

Also, if I'm using the dockerised tor option by sirboops, how do I go about finding my onion id?

Today, I'm creating Cyber Incident Response documentation where our interactions with the network are limited to read-only, and we have no security-trained staff on site to assist the Sysadmins and NOC guys.

Very tempted to write:

Step 1: Go on break
Step 2: Let it all burn


Is anyone else seeing large numbers of random-character usernames registering/attempting to register to mastodon recently? I've got approvals on, but I'm not really happy with the amount of mail that's now being sent from my server....

Anyone that's upgraded to mastodon 3.0.0rc2, does your about page still show the version as rc1, or have I done goofed somewhere?

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