Whitespashe is now running Mastodon 2.9.0rc2! Lets take a look at these new features!

Thanks to some google-fu, the is now running on a distributed virtual switch!

Storage access should be much quicker now, with more resiliency becoming possible as I add new hosts!

All in all, a pretty happy ending for a Sunday!

So, I've managed to fix our media library randomly losing its mount point.
Autofs to the rescue. With any luck, the mount will go up/down according to need. It'll be a bit more resilient of disconnect/reconnects too!

So, for the last two days, my entire home-labbed infrastructure has been on the fritz.

I have a consumer QNAP providing storage for all my VM's and it's just not fast enough to keep up! I'm reliant on heavy caching on an SSD to offset the worst of the lag.

Also, heat is becoming a real issue, I think it's reset itself a couple of times after reaching it's max.

Luckily, I've got a Dell R710 waiting to become a NAS, I've just gotta fill it with drives!

I am happy to announce that our instance is up! And running! It's currently invite-only whilst we test it out.

Q. Is it stable?
A. Mostly!

Q. Does it stream audio?
A. Almost all of the time!

Q. Does it federate?
A. I believe so!

All I need to do now is sort out the other things, like backups.

So, if you're on a funkwhale instance, please check out funk.whitespashe.uk !

Disclaimer: Publicly available libraries coming real heckin' Soonβ„’!

Aaand with that, whitespashe is running Mastodon 2.8.3! Just waiting for elasticsearch to sync up!

Why's does use by default?!?! It makes it almost entirely impossible to have both a vlan AND jumbo frames enabled.

Definitely thinking of changing my service hosts to centos. 🀬

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