Whitespashe is now running Mastodon 2.9.0rc2! Lets take a look at these new features!

Aaand with that, whitespashe is running Mastodon 2.8.3! Just waiting for elasticsearch to sync up!

Hey fellow peoples!

What commands should I be running regularly to keep my small instance in the best of health? We're running 2.8.0 on docker, if that helps any!

Boosts always appreciated!

So, whitespashe.uk has lost all of it's toots.
This is due to a truncate command being run on the local statuses table, including the cascade option to include other related tables.

Normal functionality is there, so I don't think anything else has been affected. I'll try to see if there's a way of reimporting our user account exports, but if not:
Whitespashe.uk has been given a fresh start!

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