So, for my birthday, my wife bought me a Proxmark3, which is basically a swiss army knife for all things RFID. She also got me a sweet programmable RFID ring, so that I can carry out my nefarious activities, such as cloning access cards and other RFID tags/devices.

Currently the ring holds a clone of my cat's ID chip, which I'll be testing on his automated cat flap tomorrow.

From here though, the future is bright. Who knows what shenanigans I'll be able to pull off?

Happy holidays everyone! Have a light-up dumpling to warm your day!

More breadposting today! This is the 4-chili bread I left to cold-prove overnight.

It is just slightly spicy, giving a lingering tingle (great name for a sex toy). Best eaten with a light spreading of Polish mayonnaise, or creamy cheese!

My wife took some photos of a little Pentium II mascot I've had since I was little. It looks like he's been floating in space before accidentally stumbling upon God.

Some breadposting today! For my breakfast pancakes, I mixed a healthy amount of sourdough starter with some flour, salt and water, then let it prove in a bowl greased with olive oil for 30 mins.

Then, you just flatten the bread dough out, and fry it for a couple of minutes either side! I made slightly too much, so some will be eaten for lunch!

Wife approval factor: 10/10

Boosts appreciated, as Elliott want to love everyone.

This evening my cat is in a VERY loving mood. He would like to wish everyone success, comfort and love.

For all those that do or don't celebrate valentines day:

Elliott the cat thinks you're great!

My cat is patiently waiting for my wife to wake up next to me, as that means he can then get fussed over whilst purring like a chainsaw.

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