For all those that do or don't celebrate valentines day:

Elliott the cat thinks you're great!

My cat is patiently waiting for my wife to wake up next to me, as that means he can then get fussed over whilst purring like a chainsaw.

New storage server is racked, the rack is pretty much built, awaiting tomorrow to migrate my existing server stuff across!

The rack has claimed blood from both myself and my wife, so it has been correctly sanctified.

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Today is my 29th birthday! To celebrate, my wife baked me a coffee cake and we had Chinese takeaway. Although I had to work today, it felt like a good birthday has been achieved!


Happy all! Elliott has had a busy day of begging for food and sleeping, so is taking a well-earned nap!

My face, EC 

Well, I always wondered what a coffee with fizzy water would be like.

Drinking it is like taking in a big mouthful of coffee flavoured air.

Today, Elliott decided when I was finished working. Told my boss, and he went: "Eh, the cat has spoken. See you tomorrow."

Should I bring my cat to work on the off chance he blesses me with an early commute home?

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