Elliot the cat and my wife. All of us together in our own little house. This is what family should be.

Elliot the is carefully watching me . He is a terrible spellchecker, but he's trying.

In this image, our cat, hugging the leg of my wife (who currently is snoozing off an awful cold.)

Alas, I am so entangled, if I try to leave I will wake them both.

I am trapped. Send hot tea and pizza.

Elliott the keeping the wife company and approving of her Pokemon GO choices.

Not pictured: me on the other side of the counter, doing washing up.

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Today, the wife and I made bread. In a machine, admittedly, but we finally made bread!

After spending over 2 hours hunting for his string toys and fuzzy mice, Elliot would just like to chill out for a bit, thankyou.

We adopted our a few years ago, and the shelter told us that he was going to be hard work, and that he was never going to be especially friendly. Today, my wife sent me this snapchat, because:

A: He's adorable
B: They got his personality SO wrong.

Also, Elliot the cat has forgiven me, and we are now buddies again.

We're now chilling out, waiting for a virtual machine to finish repartitioning.

After being told last night that we did NOT appreciate the mouse he brought in, our fearless hunter is no longer talking to me. He'll change his mind when I open the cupboard that has his treats in.

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