For anyone that's running a instance on :

Do you need an entirely separate mastodon instance for both Tor and Clearnet, or can you effectively have both addresses point to the same server?

Boosts welcome.

the documentation says it's not possible to change the domain so I imagine it at least being very difficult to have two different names at the same time.

@GigaByte4711 You can make it available to users from both addresses using one instance but I don't know how onion federation works.And sometimes absolute links including the domain are used,then you're redirected to the clearnet domain.That sucks but I hope it will get fixed some day...


I don't suppose you have docs for that multiple-address capability?

I have tor federation working already, so my interactions with Tor instances happens over tor, but their interactions with me currently enter clearnet.

My thoughts are that if I have a hidden service, users that follow me on that hidden service will then only federate over tor.

If I'm right, the only thing that will go over clearnet is media.....

@GigaByte4711 Serving Mastodon over a Onion address is as easy as that: And yes,the media will go over clearnet and also some links on the public pages link to the clearnet domain unfortunately.But after opening the web frontend,you shouldn't get linked to clearnet anymore.

@GigaByte4711 You probably can, but other instances will use only the external address (or only the internal, but then most instances will not be able to reach yours).

@GigaByte4711 I've just set up to be available via tor, same server, just some nginx magic.

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