@GigaByte4711 Under what grounds?

I looked at it, and it doesn't seem to promote Nazis or racism or anything like that. The only thing is that it uses Gab Social and has "Gab" in its name.


@masterofthetiger we've been over this, man.

I'm not gonna allow alternatives of the main instance federate with me.

Multiple users of the main platform have alts registered here, specifically because of the domain blocks.

@GigaByte4711 Ah okay. But I just don't see how their rules conflict with your moderation principles (unless those principles are simply "block Gab Social instances").

For example, what if I set up a Gab social instance on something like gab.theres.life. I would certainly moderate it strictly like I do theres.life (just read our rules theres.life/about/more for more info about that), but would you be obligated to block it?


If you allowed users of the primary platform to set up linked alts and re-post content from the main platform, yes.

Plus, all of the reasons I already mentioned below:


Don't suppose there's an easy way to scrape and add to my list?

@GigaByte4711 ... Aurgh. Someone makes a tool that scrapes the first one, but I'm damned if I can remember the name! D=
As for the second, even if they have an API or you scrape them, you'd probably want to manually vet the results first.

Hmm... Wouldn't mind the ability to manually specify a text file on my host. Then I could use a combo of github and other scripting to handle it... 🤔

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