I have instance-blocked, as it's another instance.

I'll bite.
I blocked cyzed because:

I believe it promotes the brand.

I don't want to interact with racists and bigots.

I don't want a platform that keeps the gab branding (whilst actively federating with the main gab instance) to be able to interact with me, or find other instances via mine.

Finally, I blocked it because that's my choice as this instance's admin.

I believe in free speech, I really do, but people have to remember:

@GigaByte4711 Okay. I understand your opinion mostly. However, I still think that we (as admins) should take instance at its own merit, and consider how they are actively influencing your instance. I.e. make it a practical block rather than an idealistic one.

I understand, but please bear in mind: I will always block instances that are antithetical to the rules of my instance.

They're not hard rules to follow, and its my belief that if you can't follow rules of basic human decency, I will not give you a platform.

This is both an idealistic and practical approach. Nazis, racists, homophobes and bigots get cut off before they have a chance to affect my instance, or those connected to it.

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