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So, has lost all of it's toots.
This is due to a truncate command being run on the local statuses table, including the cascade option to include other related tables.

Normal functionality is there, so I don't think anything else has been affected. I'll try to see if there's a way of reimporting our user account exports, but if not: has been given a fresh start!

oops forgot to post this commission of a VtM character :)

- can you explain this 2 years gap in your resume?
- i was setting a custom font with LateX on the said resume

..and five, five gold Rings were gifted to the Lords, who above all else desire leaping but they were, all of them, deceived, for another Ring was made.

In the Tree of Pear, the Partridge forged a master ring to control all others.

So, for my birthday, my wife bought me a Proxmark3, which is basically a swiss army knife for all things RFID. She also got me a sweet programmable RFID ring, so that I can carry out my nefarious activities, such as cloning access cards and other RFID tags/devices.

Currently the ring holds a clone of my cat's ID chip, which I'll be testing on his automated cat flap tomorrow.

From here though, the future is bright. Who knows what shenanigans I'll be able to pull off?

Hacking - NEW RULES (re: log4j) 

Please be kind to blue teams, and IT

- Do NOT hack on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays
- Please make sure that you have fuzzed ALL the possibilities BEFORE disclosing.

(( All of the log4j updates have been released on Fridays, when everyone is trying to chill :P. Also... there's been like 3 iterations of it so far.. STAAAAAAAAHP!! ))

"The Gitea project is currently reaching out to professionals who would be able to perform an accessibility audit (and be paid of course).

This issue is currently a placeholder for when we receive the report so we can coordinate remediation of issues identified.

If you are, or know, someone who can perform a professional accessibility audit of Gitea please reach out to the project team at (or any of the project owners per their email in"

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Aaand has been updated to Mastodon Main (v3.4.1)!

I do like the pretty graphs!

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

stolen from Twitter: which HTTP 400-level code describes your sex life?

original post:

Winning screen of Hugo's House of Horrors (MS-DOS, 1990), and a book of copyright-free images "Ready-to-Use Silhouette Spot Illustrations" from which it was traced. #DOSGaming

Just stumbled over SomaFM once again ... For your sunday morning chill out groove needs B-)

#grooves #salad #playlist

screaming into my pillow


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