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So, has lost all of it's toots.
This is due to a truncate command being run on the local statuses table, including the cascade option to include other related tables.

Normal functionality is there, so I don't think anything else has been affected. I'll try to see if there's a way of reimporting our user account exports, but if not: has been given a fresh start!


Psst, stux, how're you doing your .onion hosting for your server? has been tuned a little more. With any luck, things should be running a little quicker and should be a little more responsive!

Running a remote account cull on

Is it supposed to take ages? Should I be running this on a schedule?

I'm working on a new blog post and this is a teaser.
It's a live performance of the opening theme of the anime Ghost in the Shell, performed by a choir of 75 minyou singers.

Here's a flow chart of how the fediverse works.

You don't ever see all of the fediverse from one instance. The vast majority of what you see is people followed by people on your instance.

Hashtag searches are limited to that, too.

So if you want to make your bit of the fediverse good, you have to:

1) Boost cool stuff to all your followers on other instances, especially if they contain hashtags;

2) Use hashtags.

#mastodon #meta #FAQ

Introducing Otter, a dedicated Android app for Funkwhale

Android users, rejoice! This new client connects to Funkwhale with native APIs.

Friendly reminder that the Evangelion opening and LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem have the same bpm

See the turtle of enourmous girth,
On his back he holds the Earth,
His thought is slow, but always kind,
He holds us all within his mind.

Snapping turtle, post hibernation. May be the origin for the idea of the earth carried on a turtles back.

One day I will manage to go running before work. Not today though.
#running #fitness #health

I had no idea this existed: David Lynch on Cooking Quinoa

It's amazing. Truly. I want to cook quinoa now.

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